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revolutionize leading networks

Because a new kind of technology is needed: Open, Scalable, reusable, collaborative


Sustainable IT

Next Generation applications that resolve problems like Network Intrusion, Network Visibility, Breach Detection & Mitigation System, Log Management.
All of them sharing a common Big Data based technical data lake in the revolutionary and open rB Horama Ecosystem


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Freedom of choice

You decide if, when, how, and how big

We want you to be technologically free. All of the redBorder technology is Open and available for free download at Community, regardless of the magnitude of your business.

redBorder gives you access to source code so that you can avoid vendor lock-ins and modify or scale the software if you choose.



1+1=3 for the Hero

Our ultimate goal at redBorder is to empower companies and individuals alike so your networks can thrive. Horama’s unified and integrated framework contains resources for management, storage, intelligence, correlation and control.

The combination of these multiple information sources provides enhanced context to make better and more intelligent decisions. Detect threats before they become attacks. Be the hero of your network.



“We play big too”

Driven by power and scalability, redBorder Horama is designed to operate within the most demanding environments.

Using Open Source nowadays means leveraging leading technology in areas such as Cloud and Big Data. redBorder creates products using the same technology and philosophy as those employed by major Internet players, such as Google or Twitter. Our state-of-the-art technological products are readily implementable by your company.



We can create a more intelligent world

These days our systems are receiving massive amounts of information and it is impossible for us humans to analyze it fully.

redBorder Horama is an automatic system that filters through the “noise,” giving you all relevant information which can be nicely viewed in our integrated and unified dashboard.

With this increase of massive amounts of data we have the opportunity to create a more intelligent world.


New solutions for old and new problems


The ecosystem

Horama is the powerful ecosystem where you can have your network information correlated and fully unified

Horama is the powerful ecosystem where you can have your network information correlated and fully unified. The first Open Source Big Data backend framework that manages, monitors, stores, correlates and unifies the information received from each of the solutions in a useful and simple dashboards. Horama and its apps are the best combination for prevent and fix security weakness of your network.


The redBorder apps

Be your own gatekeeper and prevent attacks into your network

redBorder apps live inside Horama. Imagine if you could view and manage in a single place thousand of events, network traffic or every action that occurs in your network in Real-Time, and also analyze any document or file that you receive. That is redBorder Horama, that is the power.


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Manage thousands of events per second and make the best decisions for your business

Internet attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, which is why it is critical to have a reliable protection system. This solution offers you the choice to detect attacks before they become incidents. Probably the best Open Source IPS system available in the world.



Get absolute visibility

More information means more power, so if you know everything that’s happening in your network you will defend and protect your business. It’s simple: Flow allows you to view traffic in Real-Time so if something alerts you, you can contextualize it. Flow provides the same power to see the traffic in Real-Time and analyze hystorical background.



So nothing catches you unprepared

No one is immune from Malware. This is the most common attack in businesses. Hundreds of attachments are received every day in your email boxes. redBorder Malware analyzes and scans each document or file that would be a potential threat. Jump ahead and avoid any unforeseen event.



Follow the trail, keep the control

Every movement in your network leaves a trace as a fingerprint. You can follow it by monitoring logs through the Horama dashboard and integrate it with redBorder IPS and Flow in order to get the most powerful Open Source Cybersecurity solution you have ever known.


redBorder Appliance

The redBorder appliances

For those willing to exploit redBorder IPS with ease and confidence, we provide our own family of hardware appliances, all of them with LAN Bypass, frontal connectivity and redundant power supplier.



Are you ready for the challenge of absolute visibility? Ok, let’s roll!

The best Big Data technology for your business

redBorder Horama is in essence an Enterprise Service Bus built around Apache Kafka with customizations for Cybersecurity and Network monitoring. Events are received either natively from Kafka or transformed from legacy formats into Kafka, processed in Real-Time in an Apache Storm pipeline and stored in both Metamarket’s Druid for schemaless aggregated interactive online analytics and Hadoop for raw storage. This stack ensures its scalability and flexibility.


George Manuelian, Director SP Mobile SolutionCisco Systems (CA, USA)
"This new platform gives us the opportunity to correlate all the data we are collecting so that we can monetize it through a common API."
Sergio Oropeza, Communications Technology Center ManagerProduban (Santander Bank Group)
"redBorder's open technology has helped us to innovate in our cybersecurity approach, deploy massively in the main countries where we operate and streamline our costs significantly."
Jose Ramón Bazo, General ManagerNextel
"The redBorder proposals helps integrators such as Nextel to complete their offer in the current customer base and open new opportunities through innovative technology, open and scalable."

Product Packages

Choose best options that fits your needs

  •    On Premise
  •    Single-Apps
  •    Multi-Apps
  •    Support
  •    Sofware Upgrates
  •    Hardware Option
  •    Scale-Out
  •    Intelligence
  •    Affero AGLP + Prop


Download a powerful, smart and easy to use cybersecurity and data analytics software.

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