• redBorder Horama

    redBorder Horama

    Next Generation Technology for today: Scale-Out, BigData Based, On premises, Cloud ready, SaaS, Virtual … and OPEN

  • redBorder Flow

    redBorder Flow

    First Commercial Open Source NetFlow Colector bigdata based. Digest thousands flows per second, even millions.

  • redBorder IPS

    redBorder IPS

    An improved Open Source IPS/IDS Snort Based probe.
    Deploy, manage and correlate hundreds of probes with redBorder Horama.

  • Run your redBorder

    You have multiple deployment options

    Running your redBorder in Amazon Web Services, VMware machine, in our cloud service “redBorder Live” or in the redBorder Appliances.

  • Download redBorder

    Try redBorder

    Download a redBorder community edition for a try, buy licences, subscriptions and hardware in our online store or sign in redBorder Live for a free SaaS 60 days trial for free.

Powerful & ScalablePowerful & Scalable

Powerful & Scalable

Big Data and Scale Out. redBorder Horama is designed to operate within the most demanding environments and is capable of running in clusters.
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Commercial Open Source. All of the redBorder technology is open and available for free download at the redBorder.org Community Site.
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Integrated operation center. redBorder Horama is a platform which is common to the entire redBorder infrastructure. See more…

redBorder Horama

redBorder Horama represents the new generation of business analytics oriented network visibility and security, which provides companies a powerful platform to understand in real time how their infrastructure works and analyze trends and project future.

Current Horama’s ecosystem

Was provably the best open source IPS system available based on Snort, the most implemented IDS / IPS in the world.
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Is probably the best open source network visibility solution based on Netflow standard.
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